Is there anywhere that I can find a book or website to learn how to read sheet music? I suppose my guitar teacher could teach me, but at $13 per half hour, it's not really too practical. I tried my library, and found a few beginning theory books, but they already assumed that the reader knew sheet music.
look it up on the internet, google it, wont be hard to find, in treble clef the lines go from bottome to top, ....E G B D F, then the 4 spaces inbetween go F A C E

Reading music is just like reading a book, when you were little you take it very slowly but as you gain more experience, you learn that you're reading the music just like a book.

So the real way to read music just as to perfect anything else is to just gain experience with it.

But heres a little helpful tip for reading the Treble Clef:

For the lines: it goes EGBDF, an easy way to remember that is Every Good Boy Does Fine

For the spaces: it goes FACE, and that itself is the easy way to remember it.

And just incase you don't get the order, it goes from the bottom up.

Hope I didn't confuse you too much!
William Leavitt: A modern method for guitar (volume 1 to begin with). The best one imo, and you'll find some notable people agree with me on this one
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Quote by elvenkindje
William Leavitt: A modern method for guitar (volume 1 to begin with). The best one imo, and you'll find some notable people agree with me on this one

I bought the whole series in one fat book off Amazon for like £20, really useful for learning music, although the book is extremely dry imo, its mostly just music everypage (no tab ever) of running through scales and some very good finger building exercises, and the odd rubbish song but it helps your music reading I geuss. I'd say learn where all the notes are on the guitar and try to teach yourself using powertab and things, look only at the music notation, and then use the tab to check yourself (remembering same notes appear on different strings) if this doesn't work try the book, but I think learning to read music is going to be dry whatever you do!! It's really handy when you can do it though, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Oh wait, Your gonna have to learn how the rhythms go too powertab is great for that, just remember everything is relative to the beat, and its almost maths as to how many notes you play to the beat etc, better to ask someone whose better than me tbh I can't explain to well
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That has stuff on music reading etc on there, I think it's mainly for stuff like violin and piano etc but can be used for guitar I guess.
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musictheory.net has some great exercises for learning to sight-read. Be warned, it takes a long time to get good at sight-reading, and most musicians will tell you it's their weak point. Like anything though, it just takes time and you have to do it a lot.