i just got bought this ibanez rg350dx it has one of those rocking tremolo bridges and i can't get the whammy in it it does't twist in and i don't understand it! i was hopping that someone can tell me how. please post or pm me please!
1) Does the arm have threads on it, or is it just a skinnier end than the rest of the bar?
2) Are you putting it in correctly?
3) Is it the required arm needed for the guitar?
Replace the bridge with something like a Floyd Rose. The RG350DX/EX's have crappy bridges and trems
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are you putting it in the hole correctly?

im referring to the trem arm and bridge.
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it should just push in...
line up the holes and push from the front of the guitar to the back..

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my younger bro has one of those and he had the same problem just yesterday. I drilled out the hole in the tremelo a hair so it would fit. works fine now.
Dont drill them out or anything, its a pop in arm, you just insert it inside the hole at the bridge.

If you find the arm is too loose or wobbly, just simply adjust the screws behind the bridge and under it, like (1) and (2) below.
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