I was thinking about getting a Fender Stratocaster and changing the pickups to make it an even more kickass and versatile guitars. I was thinking of putting a Dimarzio HS-3 or a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail for the bridge. What do you think of em? Any other choices? What other pickups should I put for the middle and neck? Texas Specials? I play Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Prog, Funk and a bit of Jazz and Country. Gear in sig.
If you want max gain, I think a DiMarzio Chopper is hotter than the Hot Rails. I know for a fact (since I've owned one) it's hotter than the HS-3. The HS-3 is an ok pickup, nothing great. Medium output, rolled off treble. The Chopper on the other hand, keeps up with my Paul Reed Smith HFS and Vintage Bass pickups on a modded Strat I did. You could also take a look at the Strat set that Seymour Duncan offers, which is a combo of the lil 59, duckbucker, and lil JB.

BTW for ultimate versatility, replace your standard 8 tab switch with a 20 tab switch, that way you can get coil tapping in the 2 and 4 positions, which gives the guitar a classic Strat or Tele sound.
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why dont you look at an HSS strat? so you get a chunky distortion from the bridge humbucker, and crisp, clean tone from the single coils. if you need to..an emg in the bridge. idk much about single coils, sorry
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