Pretty good.. might wanna throw in some distortion.. unless that's as distorted as your amp goes.

The intro and final chorus sounded a little sketchy. That's about it though.

Good job though, keep at it.
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Yea I was using guitar port, and when i have it really distorted its all staticy and poopy sounding. Thanks for the crit though.
sweet cover, especially if you did that on the squire you have in the picture. I can't really do anything with mine.

The intro was a tad shaky..as was the end. Good cover...maybe consider adding some vox.
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lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
Yes it was done on my Squire you see in the picture. And that picture is like 2 years ago, I'm actually 16 now. Thanks for the crits guys I really appreciate them.
very very nice, it was enjoyable lol, perfect on probably all of it, all correct, now if you can get vocals id be sweet great job

Thanks a lot guys for the crits. I wish i could do vocals, but unfortunatly im not a good singer If anyone would like to do vocals for it be my guest.
I made the cover on the myspace downloadable for anyone that wants to try some vocals.