My first post....some of my lyrics...i'm not a big fan of regular lyrically writing, so this is the style i write...feedback/comments?

How do you like me now?
A shell of my former self.
I'm nothing anymore
because of you!
I'm living this cult life
to try and get my angel out of my head.
But now I realize you and it are one in the same.
pump me dry, get what you can
with all this love propaganda.
It's killing me
just like you
I'm breathing, my body's alive
but I'm dead on the inside.
You're killing me
now I see
that you're killing me.
You took my heart, and what soul I had left,
and threw them away, like a piece of trash.
Now this cult's finishing me off
prey for me, my love
I can't stop this,
I'm ending it all
with this shotgun,
and diamonds through my heart
Another suicide song. This topic does get repeated alot.

Anyways, It's not really my type of stuff, and I also find these hard to crit...

pump me dry, get what you can

Had to laugh at that.

Not really breaking new ground, but a decent attempt.

If you could crit back, "Escapade" is in my sig.