What would be the best guitar for under 1000 american with a good tremelo( flyod, edge pro).
Fender Squire SG looking guitar
fender 212R amp
ibanez gio and amp
boss metal zone
digitech eric clapton pedal
crybaby 535q wah
epiphone and squire acoustics
Tama drums
You can get an OLP Music Man from musiciansfriend.com for $229 or $299, i forget which. I've played one of these quite a few times, and for the prices their sold for, they are amazing guitars. The worst thing about mf.com is the cost for shipping. A $300 guitar could end up costing you $00, but if you're lucky, you might get free shipping.
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Yea RG 1570
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MIA Strat Double bucker! 950, new. Great guitar, awesome feel.

For the 1570 Recomendations, nice guitar, but not my kind of guitar. The necks or too thin for my taste. Also, it has a floyd which i dont need.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound