Alright, well pretty much as the thread title states, this is a pretty rough recording of one of our songs, that we only had time to record the first part of, lol. It's all first takes, and pretty much just us getting used to the equipment. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks very much

Every thing sounds awesome, except for the guitar tone. What did you use to record drums? I can never get them to sound good, that's why I program my drums. What equipment did you use?
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I like it! hence it should be renamed, 'For the win!'

i like the bit after the intro when the trebley guitar comes in

I thought it sucked. The bass was awesome though. The guitar sounded bad, and I didn't like the sound of the drums. And the bridge from the melody to the rough guitar kinda went wrong..

But it's all just in my opinion, keep it up boys! I bet the song won't be bad..
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Yeah, that transition to the faster part was very rough, but I guess that's just to show the general idea of what is to come, to see if the intro suits it. We recorded the drums just using regular 8-track recording, but plugged in a mike, and rigged it up so that the mike would hang above the drums, a few feet. It ended up sounding a lot better than I thought it would, lol. As for the guitar tone, I'll admit it, that was my doing, I just liked the way it sounded actually, chances are that's because it's the first time I've ever recorded anything. Thanks for the comments though guys, every little bit helps, keep it up