i was wondering if anyone could give some feedback as to which mesa amp head is should considering getting. i am trying to decide between a mark 4, stilleto, or a rectifier. or would anyone suggest a krank or a marshall? i need a very versatile amp because i play anything from heavy metal (lamb of god, shadows fall, metallica) to bluesy and classic rock (guns n roses, jimi hendrix, eric clapton). also, what does a recording output on an amp do? does it allow you to directly plug your amp into your recording hardware? if so, do all amps have this function?
The record out is to plug straight into the mixing board. Although many amps have a line out, not all do...IMO it's useless, its better just to mic the amp, because you get the speaker dynamics.
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as for the amp i think the mark 4, IMO much more versitile, probably your best bet for getting as close as possible to all those tones
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ok, thanks. I've already tried to find a mark 4 amp head...but having some trouble. I know that mesa doesn't sell any amps online, so I called a nearby Guitar Center and asked if they had any in stock....but they said that the Mark 4 heads were no longer in production. is this true?