First off... just a volume nob? Does it have any nobs on the back? Like a overdrive nob? Or is it just a clean amp? Do I need a overdrive pedal? Also, would a 2x12 cab be best for it?

I want a cheap tube amp that I can practice with, and this is the only one that I can find that cheap. I hear really good things about it.

I want it to be able to go from clean, to almost metal. Is it possible with this amp?
^^ Nope
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
Not really....it would make your ears bleed, and you still wouldn't be there.

The only way you can make the amp overdrive (by itself) is by really pushing it. Then, you'd need an overdrive to push it even more.

What might work is actually using two overdrive pedals. You'll probably need a noise supressor also, as the two overdrives will get noisy.

Together, you might be able to get a heavier overdrive.

But for that money, you might aswell be looking elsewhere.

Why not get a good modelling amp? To go tube, you need a decent budget.
Well I read several reviews on MF and people say that it's really pedal friendly and that with the right pedal, it might be able to do metal. I'm not even looking for a metal distortion... but I do want a lot of it. Maybe a little heavier than hard rock.

So this amp has no cleans? You just turn the volume up and it gets overdriven?
Just like any tube amp..more volume is more distortion..im thinking a OD9 and it cranked would sound pretty bad ass...my XXX's cleans with the OD9 can handle almost metal...

but its a little bit higher gain
It only has the volume knob just to be simplistic, you turn up the volume, and you get natural overdrive too, no chance you'll get metal type distortions by itself.

You could just get a heavy overdrive pedal with it.
I use 2 overdrives at the same time, but I don't play metal, I do get a bit of noise, but it's well worth it!
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Anyways, I'd say a heavier distortion pedal would do you just fine.
i dont think itll be too incredibly loud ibanez4life, cause its only 5 watts or something silly like that. ive heard its a pretty fun amp just to mess around with, especially since it costs as much as a pedal. i might buy one to take apart and find out how the basics of an amp work
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Practice amp for around $100? Microcube if you want effects. Valve junior for tube tone.
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its easy to drive but, not like ive ever tried metal thru it. it is loud, ill try to see how much gain i can push thru it now.

ill post back in a bit.

just one knob. epi head. thru a marshall combo.

edit: yeah its fine. on volume 3/4'd, thru a crappy fab metal pedal, run thru an MG speaker, it still wasnt breaking down too badly.
and it felt much louder than my 25W. and because its tube, it wasnt crapping out at that volume.

hopefully you have a decient metal, OD pedal?

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^ Oh I will be getting a nice overdrive pedal soon. I don't have one yet.

I don't NEED metal tones. I just want the option. I play mostly hard rock, classic rock, punk rock, pop rock, and some numetal, and a bit of metal. (And also a tiny bit of blues becuase I love the tone, hehe)

Anyone have any experience with that Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive pedal? It looks real nice.

Here's the link:

I'm thinking if I get the Valve Junior, and get a nice overdrive pedal, I might have me a nice practice amp with a good tone, that I can also use for band practice. Because I really want the tube tone.. I have a crap SS.
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^Sounds like a good plan!

I'm planning to sell my Micro-Cube for a Valve Junior...it would be my 3rd tube amp
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There's just something about the Valve Junior that attracts me. I want it really bad. Plus it's tube... and it should be loud enough for band practice.

So if I get a nice overdrive pedal, a cab, and maybe some effects, I should be set?
its going to be a little close. i mean its loud and i can see it pushing over a drummer. but with a full hard rock band, it would depend on what amps they are using and how u play.
you'll hear urself, i just dont know how much we can expect from this little guy.

(you can always pic up an extra one. )

as for Jekyl and hyde, that's a great pedal. probably adding one to my board this month.

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Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

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Nah we're not a full hard rock band. It's more of a pop rock band... but with a heavier guitar. It's my sister (singer, acoustic rhythm), me (rhythm/lead) and our drummer. We don't even have a bassist right now. I want the amp more for practicing and having fun. If it can't get heard over drums, than I can use my SS for practice. It's crap, but it's loud!