Hey I bought a Crate xt65r a few months ago and last month it started to fade out while i was playing it pissed me off but since I don't need it for band or giging or anything like that I decided to save the money and not ship it back

But tonight it's almost completely dead.. if you turn it almost all the way you can get some sound but it's still pretty quite and also the clean channel gets kind of distorted..

heres the real problem I don't think I have all of the original papers and crap that came with the amp so i don't think i can send it back

what should i do? and what do you guys think might be wrong with it?

thanks a lot
i would check the wiring in the speaker, it might be a short or somthin funny like that, or else it could be a prob with your power cord/outlet, just unattatch the power cord and re attatch it, or un plug it and re plug it in, if that doesnt work send it in or somthin i guess, i dunno
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Try a different guitar cable if you've got one. I've seen that happen a lot
yeah I tried different cables and even multipul guitars but i found out if you unplug the cable for the guitar you can still get that buzzing sound when you touch something and it seems like it's at about normal volume
I think the cables set in to the amp and I know it's not the outlet becasue It's done it at my friends house

thanks guys yeah I know i could get a reciept but I read the warrenty iformation and i just don't have the guide/pamplet thing and i have to have it