my band wants to do a ac/dc style song for like a tribute to them and im kinda stuck.....i have a good intro and verses i even i got not half bad solo, the only problem is the chorus, i dont know what i should play for the chorus, i really dont wann use the same chords that i have in the verse and i dont wanna use the intro as the chorus........any idea what other chords for the chorus i can use for a high engery up tempo ac/dc style song?
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well you could use the same rhythm of the intro but change the notes/chords...... or use the same chords and change the rhythm
Yeah, you could go with different chord progressions.. Or different inversions maybe? Extra tensions (instead of major/minor, use sus2/sus4 chords)? Tempo change? Downbeat/upbeat change in the chorus? Just some suggestions.. If it's an AC/DC style song, why don't you study some AC/DC songs to see what they to with it?
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