alright, here's my situation. I like the gain that the mesa's have but also really like music such as gnr, zeppelin, acdc... which marshall is part resposible for.

now on the marshall side im looking for just a 50 watt head.

I found a JCM 800 for $1200 CA. It doesnt say exact model, but it comes in original white tolex.. so im guessing an anniversary edition. Secondly, I found a JCM 900 Hi Gain Dual Reverb for $799 CA. How good of a deal are these amps for the price?

Aside from those... Just because things can go wrong with older amps and dont come with any warrenty... I'm thinking between a DSL 50 or TSL 60.

now on the mesa side im also looking for a 50 watt head.

the single rectifier will give me that mesa tone but not necessarily the crunch of a marshall. I can pick up one of these just under $1000 CA or $1600 new.

and for the amp that i feel can bring me the mesa tone but also the marshall crunch... is the stiletto ace head. the only thing with this is that its about $1850 CA new and cant really find any used since it just came out.

I havent been able to test all of these amps or atleast into great detail since a store usually wont carry all these amps at once. So I'm hoping someone can give me a different perspective that could sway me to a more specific amp. Some reasons can would be helpful and if anyone has sound clips of any of these amps, i'd appreciate it too.

the 800 or 900 are both great amps...just make sure they have el34 tubes in them and you'll be happy...especially for GNR, zep, etc.

the 900 will do metal and just use an OD pedal on an 800 to get there.

as far as not having a warrenty...you don't really need one. 800's are built like tanks...and if something does go wrong take it to an amp tech and he can probably fix it for little to nothing compared to the extra you'd spend on a new dsl or tsl with a warrenty...and it'll sound like crap compared to an 800 or 900.

as for prices..

an 800 goes for about 750-900 on ebay for the 50 and 100 watt heads...(also depends on what model...the single channel vertical input models are more highly coveted)

the 900 goes for about 600-700 for a 50 watt head...

thats USD...not sure what that would translate into CA.
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