So I wrote this little figerpicking note progression, and I'm wondering...what the hell is the key? I've looked over all the resources I have, but I can't figure it out.

E Ab E
E B Eb
E B Db
Gb B Db

Is this thing in multiple keys? What key(s)? Can you please help me find a site that can tell me this?

Thanks for the help.
If those are all major chord, I'd probably call it E or B. E for the V-I (even not after eachother) in E, namely B-E. B, also for the V-I--> Gb(F#!!) - B. If you say it's the key of B, you can even call the E chord the IV!

However, if those are all just single notes, E Gb Ab B Db. Enharmonically, and with some notes inbetween so it's a seventone simple scale -> E F# G# A B C# D# E

Basically just Emajor
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Yeah, it's just single notes.

So, it's E major? Thanks guys! You kick butt!
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