I already used the search button, but nothing really answered my questions:

I want to get a Multieffects pedal, because I like to experiment with different sounds! And I don't want to buy every effect as a single pedal!

Here are the pedals I looked at:

Boss GT-8
Vox Tonelab SE
Digitech GNX 3000
Line 6 XT Live

What I need is:

I don't want to buy another pedal, as long as a live, so it has to be "upgradable" with new effects or settings from the internet or the computer!

So the connection to the computer is very important! Which pedal has to biggest community for settings in the internet?

I want a lot of special effects, which are not that usual!

I mostly need it for messing around with at home, but also for small gigs!

Where do I get the most for my money?

I just want to have a little overview about the functions those pedals have, I will figure out the tone by myself when I'm at the store!

Can those pedals send the audio signal (over USB) into my Computer, so that I can record it? That would be so great!

Thanks for your answers
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well, the real battle between those pedals would be between the line 6, and the boss gt-8. you get the most for your money in those pedals. the line 6 you can hook up to the internet, the boss you cant, but the boss has pretty much any effect you could ever want, and you can make your own. it is much more versitile than the line 6. the line 6 also sounds a bit more "artifical", and when i say artifical i mean that compared to the gt-8 it sounds a little less natural. theyre around the same price and they both beat the hell out of the vox and digitech. i actually spent about 4 months researching this very question.. ive played them all, more times than once, but i went with the gt-8. it has many many many more features than the line 6. they even went as far into detail as making a setting where when you play lightly one effect is activated, and without pressing a pedal, play harder activates another effect, or amp model, or anything else to do with the pedal. it is highly advanced and much more bang for the buck i would say. the gt-8 hasnt let me down yet.
^ sorry i should of put more detail in there but I don't really know the specifics. I've tried one and loved it

I don't like the Digitech though..

The Line6 is good.. but the GT8 sounds better
Is the manual Wah function any good on the GT-8? Don't want to spend a lot of money on a Dime Wah!

Isn't it good on the Vox that you have two big footswitches? What does the Footswitch do on the GT-8?

Just tell me more, how good the GT-8 is compared to the line 6!

Thanks for the answers! And sorry for my bad english!
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I found another one

Korg Toneworks or something like that!

Is it better then the GT-8?
gt-8 - comarable with the line 6 but more difficult to set. can fit any guitarist needs
vox - too expensive. you can get the line 6 or boss for cheaper price that can get all kinds of sounds.
gnx 3000 - all kinds of good models but too digital. dont get this
pod xt. same as gt-8. cheaper and easier to use. can fit any guitarist needs
korg ax3000g - cheapest among the rest. good sounds but less features.

for me. ill get the gt8 if im patient to tweak.

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GT-8> hey, it's quite pricey but damn...best multi-effects unit known to man. just keep it easy with the frustration, since it's not an easy unit to work with.
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The GT-8 is definatley the best. I have the Korg Toneworks AX3000G and I am very happy with it. Its much cheaper than the others and it sounds very good for what I use it for. Its not upgradable, but try it because I really like it. It has some special feature effects also like the Talk Mod (Talk Box), ESS, synth, and other wierd and cool effects. Its very easy to use also. Some things are a bit more confusing, but you will get the hang of it pretty fast and be able to use it very easy. There isnt a very big patch community for it, but what I do is go to look at other patches (Vox Valvetronix amp patches [www.patchtronix.com www.valvetronix.net]), and other multieffects patches and just program the settings onto my AX3000G.
I'd say the GT-8 sounds best, but IMO, only marginally better than the Line 6. In terms of sound, both are awesome and sound great. The GT-8 might sound a little more natural, but once you have tracks recorded and tweaked, that difference disappears completely. For live sound, that doesn't matter...

I find the GT-8 sports the most convoluted, overly complex and unfriendly interface ever. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy and I have no problems or fears of any interface. But they made this thing overly complex. To me, that alone throws the POD in first place for its idiot-proof operation. And it seems to be loaded with features that the average (and maybe even advanced) user will never use.

I prefer the POD because of its upgradability. This will extend its usefulness IMO. But either way, you'll have a great processor.
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well, in response your wah pedal question, the gt-8's wah function is amazing, not only can you customize your wah to make it sound however you like, the same pedal is also your volume pedal, and can be a seperate footswitch for solo.. solo is basically, if your amps on 10 and you need to go to 11, that pedal does it. its unbelievable. yes it is a bit technical, but really if you have the manual it makes everything click, ive owned it for about 2 months now, and i have to whole thing figured out. the great thing about this pedal compared to others is that if you like the effect, but you want to change it up a bit, or add more, you can do it.. anything you can think of to make your guitar sound like, there is some way or another to do it with this pedal.

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*i also have a few thousand dollars worth of recording equipment, but it gets a bit technical so ill leave it out.
since everyone's talking about the gt-8, i want add in a question. for overall value (price, quality, features, etc) which is better: the gt-8 or the me-50? i have an mt-2, dd-3, and a vox wah, but im also looking to get more effects such as a phaser, chorus, reverb, and harmonizer. which one do you all recommend of those two?
yea man, I like the gt-8
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and since everyone else is putting their equipment on here (i guess for credientals) heres mine.

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i have a Marshall AVT100 and i love the sound of it. At the moment i have a Behringer X V-Amp which is a load of crap and i want to upgrade to a new multi effects unit. I have a Boss DS-1 and a Crybaby. My main question is does the boss changeyour sound other than putting effects on it or does it start shoving amp sims down your throat like the behringer or the zoom stuff? because as i said, i love myamp soundand i dont want other amp sims changing it, just effects.
All these processors are amp modellers as well. I know for a fact you can turn off the amp / speaker & mic modelling on the POD and use only the effects. Not sure about the other units.
Guitars: Custom Lado Earth 2000-3, Custom ESP Explorer, BC Rich KKV, Gibson LP Studio, Greco SG, El Degas Stratocaster, Agile AL-3000, LTD EX-351

Rig:Marshall JVM410H + Marshall 1960A, Boss Noise Suppressor
So I will just save up a lot of money and buy a Boss GT-8 ! I want a pedal for a lifetime and the Boss seems to do that! Thank you so much for all the replies!