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What is the difference between Alnico and Bursbuckers?

I play punk so what would be suited for that?

im pretty sure alnico is the type of magnet... correct me if im wrong!\

anti-flag kicks ass(not their new album)

im guessing that what you play?
Oh ok are there any gibson humbuckers good for punk?

I have a les paul copy and cant afford a gibson.
and i will play stuff like Anti-flag, Refused, Nirvana and S.T.U.N.
Don't just limit yourself to Gibson humbuckers, they're usually quite overpriced, and you can get better pickups for cheaper usually, like SD's or Bareknuckles.
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AlNiCo - aluminium nickel cobalt is indeed the magent used. there are 5 types if i am not mistaken, I II III IV and V, each with different voicings.

ye burstbuckers are more of a the vintage Gibson vibe, great for classic rock
the 49X series are the same but with more mids (good for punk)
the 500T is a bridge pup that has a huge output. good for high gain rock
Burstbucker pros will setyou back more but they are great pups that cover a huge range of sounds.

but ye dont just limit urself to gibson! ^bareknuckles are amazing as are Kent Armstrongs.
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I have a Gibson and think the pickups arent that good. Try Swinesheads to!
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burstbuckers are alnico pickups
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