I have a Stratocaster SSS configuration, and a Fender 25FMDSP

this one

check it cuz it's not a basic/regular frontman 25

Now obviously it has electric tone since it's an electric guitar..
but I'd describe the tone as more natural or acoustic than electric

The words I'd describe the tone I'm thinking of is electric, digital, sharp, futuristic, neon.. kinda abstract there but yah

here's a video example of a tone I'm talking about

Get a distortion pedal, a better amp and you're most of the way there. It would be described as a distorted tone for future reference. Because he's playing single notes it sounds pretty clear and sharp. Try playing a chord, and it's fuzz all over the place. Anyway, it's a bit of work to get a tone like that. For a good starter, I'd look at a Boss DS1 distrotion pedal, especially if you're into stuff like Steve Vai or Satriani. Anyway, save some money, and go for it!
ah ok so it does have to do with distortion then
My amp is pretty variable with distortion.. sure it won't sound great but I can't play very well yet so that won't matter until I get better and by that time (like in a year) I'll get a tube, higher quality amp like a hot rod deluxe maybe. Uh tangent. Anyway as I was saying, it's pretty diverse since it can model different amps and the gain knob has different sounding effects.. should I just experiment? Any other specifics to try and dial that in? like type of amp.. t/m/b settings.. gain/reverb

on tube amps does this kind of sound come naturally if you turn the volume up to a certain point?

how is the Boss OS-2 compared to the DS1?
Tube amps WILL give a distorted sound if you turn the gain up, but the video clip you cited would have been done with a pedal. Tube amp distortion varies a lot with the amp model. Tube amps are known for their gradual distortion at higher levels, giving a rich rounded tone, but can also be used to give heavy, full on distortion. OS2 I have no idea about. Try it out if you can! Go to a music shop and play around.
^Yea, when you turn up a valve amp, the signal starts to naturally overdrive, sounds great.

My suggestion is just to experiment with your amp until you buy a better one, or get a distortion pedal.
The DS-1 is a basic distortion pedal, loads of people use them, and the OS-2 is a distortion/overdrive, I've not played one though.
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Yeah I plan to when i get good enough
So basically, the sound I'm looking for is all about distortion? would it be overdrive or definately distortion?

Anything to do with my guitar and/or the difference between it being a MIM and not an American?
^Yea, probably distortion you're lookin for.
And MIM Strats are amazing guitars when you get a good one, I've got one, so that's not the problem with the sound.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Joe Satriani uses a DS-1 by the way, along with a load of other effects and amazing amps and guitars. My suggestion if you're really not sure, and can afford it, is to buy a multi effects pedal. Everything from distortions and overdrives to delay and reverb. Worth it, but the sound is not quite the same as individual pedals. I've got a boss me-50, and don't regret it. However, if you're clear about what sound you want, go to a guitar shop, and try some stuff out - pedals and amps. Don't let them try and sell you stuff. If they're going to try that tactic, let them know clearly you're just listening to the sounds to decide what suits you, not what they think suits them.
Thank you for the replies/info

My gear (guitar+amp) right now is worth $600, excellent 2006 MiM Strat and a 25FMDSP, great starter amp, so many options, I can get Hendrix tone on it, so for a newb that's great. It took me a while to convince myself it was good and that my sucky newb playing is why sometimes I can't get consistancy.

Oh but anyway ya $600, in a year I'd like to upgrade to a Chrome blue American Std (damn't, it's all about the color) and maybe a Hot Rod deluxe (won't need anything louder than a bedroom amp, suck too much for the amps over $1,000, and definately need all the tone controls it has so I figure this one is a good choice. Hope it's good for recording).. So I figure $1500 if I can get good deals on them.
Hmm, maybe upgrade your Mexi pickups, then you won't really need a USA Strat, mine plays better than most USA ones stock, maybe yours will with better pickups...
And the Hot Rod is waaaaay too loud for a bedroom amp, maybe a Fender Blues Jr? Amazing amps.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
what do you mean by waaaay too loud? If I have it on 1 (or 2 if that's whatever triggers sound come to come out like on my amp.. the 1 doesn't work, only 2 and above) how loud will it be (not sure how you'd describe it)?
Well, it can be turned down, but if you're only using it for bedroom practice, you won't be making the most of it (turn it up to get better sounds etc, which you can't do in your bedroom), so you'd be able to use it, but it wouldn't sound its best at them volumes.
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Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Would it be ear piercing?
Basically if a sensible volume isn't a big problem (like if I live in a house and no one else is home or would care) would it be ok?
Can you sound proof maybe a room and have it 1) sound good 2) not hurt my ears 3) not sound too loud outside of the room
It'll sound good at a sensible volume, but if you're still not cranking it much, you're not getting the best sounds that the amp can get.

Yup, it'll prob hurt your ears, and soundproofing a room is gonna' cost a lot, when you could just get something else other than a Hot Rod, something that's not as loud, but will sound great at low volumes, so it won't disturb anyone (....as much)
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
I don't think a blues junior would be a good enough quality amp for me to upgrade to (could be wrong) and the deluxe reverb reissue is $200 more and has no mid knob as well as other features

any other fenders that are maybe in the price ranger (I guess 500-800) that sound great with lots of features but not too loud?

Could I inexpensively fix the volume problem on the HRDLX with different tubes as suggested here

It'll still be too loud for bedreoom practicing probably.

The Blues Jr is an amazing quality amp, but I see where you're coming from.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
If I were you, go for the OS-2. I have one and they are great distortion/OD pedals. It has a color knob that can get more nirvana sound or hendrix out of it with a lil' tweaking. SO even if the sond is distorted, turn the color knob down and it makes it a more muffled. Not really muffled , i dunno, you'd have to listen to it. But yeah you said you were looking for a bedroom amp also, and i strongly recommend a Roland Cube 30. 30 watts, so its not too everly loud, 8 amp models, effects all for 225. Plus if your amp seems quiet, your distortion pedal volume knob will fix that problem - ( it makes your amp louder if you didn't catch my drift).
I definately want a tube amp.. that's why I'd be upgrading, so most likely a Fender

Is the Blues Junior good? Especially if it'd probably only ever be used not at a gig but at home or outside where I'd want people to be able to hear it but not at a concert or gig.

Here's a good question, is the tone good enough that the amp could last me for the rest of my life (even though I'd upgrade again eventually, ignore that)
A 5 watt amp, in a bedroom, can reach hearing-damaging volumes. Blues Jr. is a great amp that will give you real tube tone. If you're NEVER going to play in a club or large or really noisy environment, the Blues Jr. will do you fine. And if you want a bedroom practice amp that will can have for life, take a look at Dr. Z. They're boutique amps, so they're expensive, but they're exactly what you need.
Hi, I'm Peter
Yeah I'd say it's probably a stepping stone before I ever get into a band type situation although people have said it's gigable (same with the Pro Junior)
so I'm trying to be open minded about it

As far as tone goes
I have a $200 25FMDSP which is basically a Frontman with some nice modeling channels (great for Jimi Hendrix/Marshall stack)

but how big with the tone quality/difference be between that amp, and say a Blues Junior?
Gain - 7
Volume - 11
Treble - 10
Middle - 4.5
Bass - 0
Pickup - middle and bridge
Tone - 10

I use that for a good "digital" type tone, mess around with it.
The difference will be huge between the amps, when I got mine, I realised there was such a gap.

The Blues Jr will probably suit you down to the ground, sounds perfect for you, try one out.

And Blues Jrs can get very loud, mine can easily overpower a drummer, and can probably do a gig too.
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30