so this is my spastic styx inspired song. i don't have a name for it, because I haven't written lyrics for it because i'm terrible at writing vocal melodies because i can't sing.

yes, the solo is incomplete because i'm fine with improv on this particular song, and no i can't play that run where i stopped writing the solo...yet (i'm very close, it's just something to push me farther)

the transitions aren't supposed to be smooth it's supposed to be sudden like that.
i liked it, though the beginning got kinda boring and repetitive. I loved measures 40-46, really nice, and the solo was cool too! keep it up!
some good ideas. nice chords and rhythms. some of the transitions made for good effect. there's the repetition though that made me have to stop and play after the repeats, but i'm sure with vocals it'd be less repetative. didn't dig when 62 first came in, but it was alright. this is playful stuff in a weird sort of way. nice work. the chords with the two open strings on top really worked. as far as what to change, there are probably some notes i could find and what not to change, but i'll leave that to you if you want. it's good though. thanks for reviewing mine. always nice to know what a person composes like that reviews what i compose.
Wow. Superb, I loved it. The styx vibe was very apparent, yet it was also very much your own work. Loved the different parts and i think they transitioned well.
I liked it for the most part, but that second riff got pretty boring (the one that was enitrely triplets, mostly open a string notes), and the part right after that up on the high strings was not nearly as pleasing to the ear as the first was. But for the most part I enjoyed your song, nice work. 8/10
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yah, the intro was a littl repetetive, but good none the less, very "chipper" sounding, and it kinda reminds me of super mario, lol, the song when he is in the underground or whatever, just cause of all the rests in the riffs, lol, imo, really good song though!
you are officially my hero and i feel honored u liked my powertab now that ive heard what uve done, i love the interlude like part starting at bar 40, and jsut the whole damn thing, the bends at the beginning of the solo were perfect, altho i wouldnt have repeated them as much as u did, and it felt like the solo could have flowed more, but excellent, just excellent

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This was a good song. Very fun sounding, with a lot of cool lead parts. The solo was pretty good, too. Short but good. I liked how everything would change from one thing to another, really nice.

But just as everyone has said there were some parts that were too repetitive, mostly in the beginning.

Other than that it was really nice to listen to.
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