My friend and I have been working on these...well mainly my friend. We don't have a drummer so those are the computer as is the bass (just haven't gotten around to record that yet).

Well here it is: Burnt Resistors

Just tell me what you if you'd like. Thanks in advance.
u guys r kool, but u do really need drummer n bass, like me! Im in the same position as you, i got me, lead/rhythm guitarist, Ross (friend) Rhythm guitar/lead guitar, Brie (friend) Singer rhythm guitarist. We're working on songs, ross is good with lyrics and rhythm riffs, im good with the leas breaks n intro riffs so we work well together. And Brie is an awesome singer lol. And if ur wondering, We're a rock band influenced by Chili Peppers, Nirvana (Ross), AC/DC (Me n Brie) and Metallica, Black Label Society, Nickelback (ME) so we're pretty different
Gooby Pls.
I listened to Cindy the Slut. Haha it's good. Them fake drums get annoying though, so get a drummer

Funny lyrics and good singing though.