I thought if everyone posted there favourite(s) EQ's people would be able to experiment and find the right EQ for them. I search for this and couldnt find anything, im surprised this hasnt been done.

#1 for me, pretty much a flea sound, i use this for improvisiing its great;

basses- up around 7ish, low mid- 5, high mid- 2, treble- 6.

#2 just a warm sound, jazz like;

basses- around 8ish-9, low mid- 6, high mid- 5, trebles- 2-3ish

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i think there is an ultimate setting thread but meh...

for my blues/jazz clean:

Mid: 9
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i use a Boss GE-7

It is a 7 band

but i put the first switch of bass on 7, the next 2 on 5, both the mids at 2, first switch of treble on 5, and the last switch of treble on 7
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Me... usually I simply have a slight boost at 50 Hz and 1KHz, just to add a bit more definition. I then mess around with my eq on my onboard preamp. But my Bass Pod settings, they're all over the place depending on the amp I'm modelling.
For metal sound I think both treble and bass open and mid half is the best. For slapping it sounds great too. And if you play quick youll get somewhat an Alex Webster sound
I have them almost all up on my amp. The 9-band has all bass and mids all up and treble down. Then my 3 distortion pedals( used mainly for EQ and tad bit of dist.) are set up right for me at the moment. I use a comp. pedal, too.
i have the bass down, the high mid the low mids up and the treble midway, also fool around with the knobs on the bass itself but yeah.....
I'm really boring with my EQ: Bass-10 Mid-0 Treb.-6
Yeah yeah, I know it's bland and you see it everywhere but I like it, it cuts through guitars nicely, has a nice punch to it and it sounds good with all effects.
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My treble and bass are flat, my lomisd are cranked to 10, my hi-mids are at about 3 o'clock. My contour is on zero, and the boost is on zero.

on my pedal the bass is at about 4 and the treble is cranked fully.

Pretty cool metal/rock tone, IMO
I change my EQ depending on the situation. That's what it's for after all.

With a band boosting the 125 - 250 Hz helps me cut through more, I can hear myself better with lower volume. That can be usefull, expecially outdoors.

I like the sound I get by boosting the bass and treble, but I always end up needing to turn up to be heard. Though this isn't really a problem, I've never had to push my amp to be heard.

Boosting the bass, slightly attenuating the mids, and heavily attenuating the highs gives a nice reggae sound.

I never heavily boost the treble, since I don't really like that sound.

But yeah, what sounds good in one room, or when you're playing by yourself might not sound good with a band or in another place. And playing outdoors is always annoying, as sound goes straight up.

When I'm practicing at home I usually have my EQ out or the bass slight boosted and the rest flat.
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^Metal, what amp/cab you on? a GK? You dont like the contour?

The "contour" knob is just mids but backwards so 0 contour corresponds to 10 mids.
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The "contour" knob is just mids but backwards so 0 contour corresponds to 10 mids.

Basically yeah. When the contour is full I don't liek it, I find it too dull sounding. My EQ is basically "Set to cut."
Bass- 6.5
Low Mids- 6.5
Middle- 2 or 3
High Mids- 10
Treble- 6 or 7

Bright and Deep switches on. Killer punchy/hardcore/heavy rock sound. I also have a compressor to give me a deeper sound.
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i like to have a korn kinda sound because its low and smooth but its also got the clicks and slide noises and i really like that sound...


i like it so much
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