Based on blurbs on various websites about tonewood/musical wood, I understand that Ash bodies capture/project the more complex tones that Alder bodies seem to miss.

I also understand from some websites that Fender made older Strats were initially made of Ash but the company changed to Alder because of various stuff like ease of machining, cost, etc.

I haven't had the fortune to actually handle/play an Ash Strat in 2 of the local Guitar Centers, yet.

For those who have both the Ash and Alder Strats, or for those who have played both, what are the significant differences?

For example, with Vintage 62 PUs, with Lace Sensors, etc.

My Ash strat has Duncan Alnico II pickups.

I find it has more bite than an Alder strat, and IMO it resonates better unplugged.
Isn't it just swamp and hard ash?
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I have an Agile ash strat, and I think it does really well on distortion. It resonates very clearly unplugged. The clean tone sounds the same as an Alder strat.
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