Hi i been playing about a year and a half and got a ibanez grg170dx which i like but the pick-up seem to be a bit noisy when i put the gain up. Im Using a Roland Cube 60. I decided to get a new pickup for the bridge, which is a dimazio FRED because im a joe satriani fan lol. I really don't know how to put a pickup in.

please correct me if im wrong but do you have to un-srew the pick-up from the guitar and de solder the wire conected to the pick-up and then solder them on the new pickup where they were before. I this basically how you do it or is there more to it.

Many thanks
That's basically how it works, take pictures of where hte connectes were incase you forget. Btw, a new pup won't reduce that noise, it only works like that when you switch single coils ot humbuickers.
you could go with active pickups but it seems like the hum could be coming from your amp.
Its def not my amp because my mate has a gibson les paul lucky git lol and it sounds amazing on my amp. Thats when i notice that i need to change my pickups.
could be the grounding of the guitar, and the pickups were fine, think before you spend money, because if improperly grounded, no pickup isn't gonna hum
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When i said noisy i ment they don't sound nice, like when i play some joe satriani songs satch boogie my favourite it doesn't sound good when i up the gain to about 6 or 7 ish. There nothing wrong with the pickups they working but they cheapy pickups since the guitar i got is was £145.