I was looking to get an amp with a LOT more power and sound than my small little 25-Watt Fender amp, and I felt about 100 watts is more than enough. I was looking ata Marshall MG-100HDFX Half Stack w/ the matching head for it. I have no clue whether this is a good amp. Is it? Are there any problems with it? Also, if you have any other suggestions for amps like it (100 or so watts and in the $550-$600 price range) that would be great...
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No no no no no. NOT the MG. Almost anything but! Do you play in a band with a drummer and do lots of gigging?? If you dont then you dont need 100 watts. 40w tube will be more than enough.

Check out a Marshall DSL401 or some Vox and Laney tube amps but do NOT get the MG100.

But remember, if you arent gigging regularly with a band then you dont need 100 watts.
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i hear and experience Very bad things with MG ..but personal opinion! Personally i think the frontman is a ****ing awesome amp with great overdrive....but people disagree :p and i love laney heads + half stacks....try before buy man ..You just gotta!
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There are better Solid State amps out there reguardless or whether or not its a stack or combo. IMO its pointless to spend that much money on the MG100 half stack. As I've mentioned 100 times before, with that much money you could get some tube combo for that much money which will be more powerfull than your MG100 Half stack.
The MG's are generally bad sounding, get a valve combo for that price, a DSL401 would be good for you.
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i just bought a Marshall AVT 100. It sounds amazing IMO wonderful full cleans and two OD's OD1 is great for all the AC/DC stuff and other rock and OD2 packs more distortion than i'll ever need. (mind you it did only arrive 3 hours ago but ive only just stopped playing with it)
Marshall AVT 100 sounds amazing? You must have a different model than everyone else!! I had one of these and I hated it sooo much that I sold it pretty quick. Now I've got an Engl. Check out amps by Peavey, Laney, Roland I would steer clear of cheap Marshalls. You'll be happy with the sound for a while until you hear a someone elses amp then you'll cry for buying rubbish!