I'm either going to get a Marshall Tsl 100 or a Mesa Dual Rectifier 100. In terms of versatility, which of these amps is better? I play everything except country. I usually dont play ultra heavy stuff but I would like the capacity to get some fairly heavy gain if I wanted it. Thanks

btw I'll be running a Gibson Les Paul Custom through the amp.
they're both very versitile, so thats a tough choice. If it was me, id get the marshall, but hey thats just me
TSL = horrible sterile sounding amp

Dual Recto = versatile, does all the tsl does, but better.

Hard choice indeed.

And a TSL with a Metal Zone? You could get better tone with a paper bag full of bees than that combination.
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I have to agree I'm really not a fan of Marshall amps. Everyone I've played has been rubbish compared to the Mesa/Engl/Peavey sitting next to it.
(caugh caugh) MESA.... maybe I'm bias?
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i would say the dual recto but if you want a marshall go for the dsl. not as many channels but has way better tone (Imo)
This is the way I see it - the dual recto can do Marshall sounds and craploads more, but the Marshall can't do Mesa sounds, or any sound other than a Marshall sound. Since both amps are comparable in price, it seems like a clear winner to me.
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I'd say the Mesa. Why? Because the Mesa has so much distortion that you could ever need, even if you didn't want that much you could just turn it down, and the three channels it has... So like yeah, I would totally gte a Recto over a Marshall ANYDAY.
If you don't need the heavy distortion all the time, you should probably look into a different Boogie head, like the F100 or the Mark IV. Dual Rectos are great and all that, but the cleans and "in between" gain sounds aren't as good as other Boogies.
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Really? Jesus uses a Mark IV? Wow, it truly is the Holy Grail of amplifiers...

I love mine.
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nah. I got my combo for around $1,700 new. That was 8 years ago. If he's talking Dual Recto (coughcoughposercoughcough), the Mark IV shouldn't be a stretch. Most flexible amp out there, IMO.
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You can get Mark IVs for the same price as you can Rectifiers new or used. I can basically trade my Single recto straight across for one right now, I wont because I have someone interested in it (and that is important to me)

But I duno. I'm really starting to not like rectifiers. The more I play on mine the worse it gets.

That and too many n00bs ask questions about them on UG and I get tired of seeing the same question six times in a row. Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Repeating an action over and over again and expecting a different result. Take a hint n00bs *cough* don't be crazy, read the threads that are already posted.
Marshall TSLs suck
Funky P is right!
and MY dream amp is a mark IV too, I just love that "harmonic" switch
if you play everything except country, i'd get a different amp.

I'd take a recto over a tsl after about one second's thought ( i tried them head to head about a week ago).

But for a little bit of everything, i wouldn't be buying a recto either.

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