Wolf Parades keyboard counterpart in his solo project. Epic, with detuned pianos and haunting melodies blah blah u get the idea. Pitchfork ranting aside though, its a superb album! (its called "Shut Up I am Dreaming" sry almost forgot). Id call them just as good as Wolf Parade while obvious branching in a diferent, more experimental direction. just ****in lovely really, raelly. your parents will love them
don't they have a myspace or somehting? so i don't have to pay to have a first listen..
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They're alright actually. I'm surprised, never really took to Wolf Parade.
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I really like Wolf Parade and I now also like Sunset Rubdown. I'll have to hunt down an album the next time I'm out.
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don't they have a myspace or somehting? so i don't have to pay to have a first listen..

they do have a myspace just search but on that link i posted is a free mp3 of on of ther best songs
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Does anyone know if these guys have any new stuff in the making?

Or is the guy too busy touring with Wolf Parade to pay attention to the side project anymore

I reads an interview that said Krug worked out the time between touring bands to still pay attention to this project. Oh, and I bought the CD a few weeks ago, and loved it, I can't wait for their next album.
preordered the new album the other day. advance mp3s got sent out today. downloading right now. very excited.

upon one listen i quite like the album and would say that it is in my top 15 of the year for certain. favorite track "the taming of the hands...."
i just bought this album over the weekend, i think its pretty awsome. i think i enjoy it just as much as wolf parade. and as for what he's up to now, i saw wolf parade last week and i believe that they are getting ready to release their second album. their new songs sound pretty awsome as well i must add, i'm looking forward to it quite a bit.
i love them
and imo they are better then Wolf Parade.

Spencer Krug is the freaking man
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Random Spirit Lover was my favorite album of the year until that one band released a CD this week. I am going to see Sunset Rubdown on Thursday. They were amazing last time I saw them, so I'm super excited for it.
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I wanted to go buy Random Spirit Lover because every one said it was good, but then I realized that I didn't have Shut Up I Am Dreaming and bought that instead. Great great album.

I love Us Ones In Between.

Us Ones In Between is such an unreal song. Probably one of my favorite ever actually. That is a great album, and so is Random Spirit Lover which I got for Christmas. I can't believe I didn't pick up the album earlier. It's so good.
how come they are so much better than Wolf Parade? dang.

for the past day or so i haven't listened to anything but Sunset Rubdown and The Beach Boys. it has been very lush.
first impression of "Idiot Heart"... this sounds like a remix of lyrics i've heard before. still excited for the new album though.
so i like Dragonslayer. Paper Lace blows the Swan Lake one out of the water. or pond. seeing them this Sunday!!
how does the album rank against the rest of Krug's output? i've yet to pick it up.
at this point, after two listens, it's better than Random but it's no Shut Up.
and it's a bit more upbeat and band-oriented than what i remember the previous records being, so I guess more akin to Wolf Parade?
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I've always been in love with this band, and Wolf Parade, but I don't think I've ever met a fan who I didn't introduce to them.

Seriously, Shut Up, I am Dreaming is a fantastic album.