Many times I have wept
With the thought of fate
And no hope to lead me,
Stuck in the past
Without a future
I carry on day by day.

Life has left loved ones,
And remains in me,
I weep for the good times
And live in the bad,
But I have a spark to aid
My dying flame.

I have hope,
I will not waste away
My loved ones still live
Within me,
Together we will soar
Up over despair.

We will fly
And laugh
With joy
Together we will
Be heard
In the realm of life.

I will never, never forget
The times we had
But I will move on
And still
Bog standard, average song I think here. It seemed a bit lacking, like there wasn't too much inspiration that you were writing with. I didn't think repeating weep/wept was great, imo.

I'm sorry, this just didn't do much for me. It was too general (it was called life- maybe you could do a piece on something more specific). Also, the diferent tenses in the piece confused me as to what was going on etc.

If you could crit back, a comment on "escapade" in my sig would be much appreciated.