Ok, i wish that somebody could help me nail that jaco sound, I have a warwick corvette 4 string, and an ampeg ba-112 if that helps, what kind of pedal should i use or settings or what ?
Is your bass a fretless? Thats key number one. I would suggest a chorus pedal. After that, you have to be really, really, really good.

I know that Fender does offer a Jaco signature series Jazz bass. If you got the $$$$$.
Don't give chorus a try. It doesn't really replicate a fretless sound. Maybe a slight delay, but not a chorus.

Boost your midrange at 2 o'clock and your bass and treble at about 1. Turn the pickup selector back towards the bridge pickup and play back on the bridge pickup. Dig deep.

But the key is fretless. Sorry about that

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He also has a bit of overdriven tube amp often. Try that.

If you'd really prefer not to go and buy a fretless to get a little bit closer to his sound, there are some fretless emulators available. The only place I've seen it is in some multi-effects processors, but if you want to try it you should look around. I don't think they'd do a whole lot to get you closer, though.
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I know money is an issue, but if you go online and check out craigslist.org and look for a Carvin LB-20F or an LB-70F, it will be worth your while. They are cost effective when bought used, and they NAIL that Jaco tone. I own one, and it is the most requested tone out of all the basses I own (and I own seven different basses). Ergonomically, they are great too, and you can find them at around $300 used on occasion. Haggle with the owner as much as you can. Once you have the LB-20F or LB-70F, you will need to get some La Bella nylon tape wound strings, because roundwounds will eat away at the neck over time, even if it is an ebony fingerboard. You will not sacrifice tone by getting these tape wound strings, because underneath the tape, they are roundwound strings. They GROWL on a fretless bass and give you oodles of MWAH factor.

The other option is to scour your Bass Player mags and find the article from about 4 years ago on how to convert your fretted bass into a fretless. I took my Dearmond Starfire and did just that--it sounds pretty good for a home job. Or--if your bass has a bolt-on neck, look online at Stewart-McDonald, Warwick, Allparts, or some online guitar and bass part store--get a fretless neck and replace your neck.

Or--you can buy a bass kit and build your own. Carvin makes a great bolt-on bass kit that is computer surfaced, so the tolerance for the neck is to an thousandth of an inch. That will give you a nice MWAH factor. Ask them if they can sell you a kit for a fretless bass with inlaid fret markers--who knows, they might be able to do that.

I hope that helps. It is worth your while to invest in a nice fretless bass if you really want that Jaco sound. A fretted bass just won't cut it--believe me, I've tried. Instead of spending months looking for an effect that would emulate the rich Jaco fretless sound from my fretted Fender Jazz bass (which I did) use that time to search online for a good deal on a fretless bass. Ebay has them sometimes too.

Another option is to try the following:


Scroll down to the following part number: BB_3504-002

They are individual string saddles that have a switch to convert the bridge from a standard saddle to a flattened saddle with a large curvature (like a bass string pressed against the fretless fingerboard). They are pricey--$305 for 4, but yo will still be able to get a fretted sound and a fretless tone from your one bass. The only disadvantage is that your fingers will not be able to control vibrato very well--Jaco's left hand on the strings controlled the vibrato (like a cello-player), making the notes SING in a very distinct and organic manner. That's the key to his sound--if you do the vibrato too fast or too slow, you either sound too "frantic" or too "lethargic", respectively. You have to use just the right amount of pressure and finger wobble to emulate a real singer's voice--think Aretha Franklin or Judy Garland--they have killer vibratos that emote. It takes a LOT of practice just getting that vibrato just right to make it sound like it's a human voice--which is what Jaco tried to do in his slow passages on bass.

I hope that helps. Good luck!
Playing through aluminum speakers will help. That, and you're really going to need a fretless. I'll sell you one for $100, plus shipping.
if you dont have jacos dna, you wont get his tone

its all in the fingers, baby

if you wanna get even close to it, get a bass pod, and download the jaco setting to it.

but you will never ever get it perfected
Jaco de lucia you are my new hero i'll probably defret my old bass, which i was already thinking for a while, yai!
Fretless bass with Jazz Pickup in the bridge is a major need. play REALLY close to the bridge. i got somewhat near to his sound by just using my bridge pickup and plucking about an inch from the saddles. couple that with perfect intonation (i dont have) and you'll nearly there
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