Look people,

im sorry for giving out so many post about epis and choices but now it just pure recommendations..i have £300 as a budget...what guitar will last very long, allround in music, good looks, cool tone and fantastic easy to play for lead and rythem. i play slash type of music as well and red hot chilli to everything out there lol...

thanks people and i wont make another post on my buying guitar experience lol..
Main quips
Marshall MG100DFX
Squier Affinity
Digitech RP200A
Givson acoustic copy

elo ther.
Epiphone LP plain top
Ibanez SA120
Agile LP copies

Should be roughly within your budget. I'm unsure of the price, but check them out.
Hope that helps.

EDIT: whoops, Santana SE is way too expensive! I was thinking of something else...try the SE standard, maybe that's cheaper