I was just wondering if anyone has any experiances with these guitars?
I really don't have much experiance buying, and these guitars are very exspensive. Anyway I need a new one playing 3 years on the same guitar. Just wondering if anyone had something good or bad to say.
Is Epiphone a good brand?

Thanks in advanced Theo!
i bought an epiphone les paul custom 2months ago after playing 7 years with my first guitar. and i must say the epiphone copys of gibson are really really good.

The gold on my humbucker is already a little bit away. And the gold has not the quality the real ones have. also i had to abrade the bridge on the high e string, because it was to sharp, and i had to configure the guitar on my own because it was set up very bad. but the sound of the guitar is really awesome. it sounds very nearly like a gibson, and is much more light. when a used look after a year of playing is ok for you, i can recommend these guitars to you.
I've played both an Epiphone Les Paul Studio and Standard (studio is cheaper because of cosmetics) and whilst I liked them both, I ended up choosing a Crafter Constantine. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore...

Anyway where was I? Ah yeah, Epiphone LP Standards look and play great, Studio's lack the looks but are still good and cheaper too.
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Get an Epi LP Standard plain top instead. It's made of mahogany instead of an alder/mahogany laminate. It also has a plain maple top instead of an alder/mahogany top. It will sound better, and sound much closer to a Gibson Les Paul than the Epi LP Custom.

If you don't want the Plain top, then get the regular standard. It's identicle to the Custom in all aspects except for cosmetics. It's also $220 cheaper than the custom.

The plain top is $400 USD. The regular standard is $380 (for black) and $500 for any other colors. The custom goes for $600.

My advice is to go try a Plain Top, a Standard and a Custom. Pick what you like best.
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The custom is a great guitar but whatever Epiphone you get the pickups are probably gonna need upgrading.
Epiphones are made of good wood their pickups are just s***. If you throw in a Burstbucker 2 and 3 you will have a real nice sounding guitar. Probably almost as good as a Gibson Standard Les Paul which is 2300.