I have a Peavey Raptor Plus EXP that has set been set aside for awhile, and have decided to use it as my first project, however i have a few questions first.
1) How should i go about dismantling the body of the guitar, i've already removed the neck and pickguard.
2) How do i get the volume and tone knobs off of the pickguard?
3) Is it possible for me to go from a HSS setup (Humbucker single single) to a Humbucker setup, and if so, what steps do i need to take to make this work?
4) This is a little irrelevant, but my neck nut is broke, and needs to be replaced, and i cant get the darn thing out.
Thanks i appreciate all of your help, and will let you know how it ends up.
just pop the knobs off, thats all it takes, unscrew the singles, and take the wires off of the potsand switches they are connected to, heat up the nut and take it out with a butter knife
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