hi, do you guys have any excersises how to speed up the fingers.
I can't play metallicas whiplash for instance without pick cus my fingers are too slow.
So what should i do to boost em up?

Just pratice and pratice, that's the only adivce I can give you..

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use some heavy strings. once you're used to those, go back to the light ones and you should tear right through them.

...isn't whiplash's bass line picked? just wondering...
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Whiplash is pretty cool to play with your fingers.

But really the answer "practice" sucks I know but its the truth. But really if you want to play Burton songs like Battery or so you really have to practice each day doing that ****. 3 fingers are enough.
Of course you can just skip some notes and just play as quick as you can but if you can play it perfect its cooler
just play rythm stuff on your own and play as fast as you can
and once you feel your fore arm get tired, play faster, make your arm sore, and then once you feel you have practiced enough doing that contiue for a few more minutes, then stop
contin ue doing that to build strength and speed and stanima and you shall do better
thats at least what i do for some of the faster Maiden songs.
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galloping, doing semi-demi quavers with a metronome and slowly raise the tempo
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