I was thinking about adding some massive "bass drops" to our bands music. How is this done and what do I need for a live situation?
^^ I agree. What the hell are you on about?
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i know what he's talkin about they do it alot of metalcore bands, i.e. As I Lay Dying
its where they add a huge bass note (not really on bass guitar, usually just digitally added) at the beginning of a chorus or breakdown.

My friends band A Breath Of Kerosene did it on one of their songs if you wanna check it ou on myspace. Its not a very good one, but its an example.

I don't think it can be performed live, unless you had one of those samplers with like 8 buttons on them that you can assign sounds to that DJ's use, and just have that as one of the samples and have you drummer trigger it.
Im sure if you recorded anywhere, the studio guy could just do it for you.
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