Hey guys, im having a bit of trouble. I can't get the right tone, by the right tone i mean the tone that suits me, what i play etc. I know this isnt leaving you with much, but if you listen to heavier nickelback, funeral for a friend kinda stuff, you might have an idea. What i want is a fully overdriven, deep and crunchy distortion, yet still bright enough to play lead with, though when i get anything near what i want, the feedback is unbearable, and the compressor on my pedal isnt much to write home about. My gear is: Marshall 50w valvestate, Boss ME-50, and dean hardtail standard. I know it must seem kinda immature to be asking for this type of advice, but ive only been playing around three years, ok to some it might seem a while, i reckon i can play sufficiently well, but i dont know much about getting the right sound out of my gear, so if anyone has experience with any of the things mentioned, help will be highly appreciated
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Best thing to do would be invest in a new amp. Best for the sound you're looking for is probably a Boogie.
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Your rig is pretty good. I think you can get a good tone just with your amp and guitar. My advice is: experiment. Turn all the knobs to 12 o'clock and think about what's missing from the tone (eg. more bass, not so bright, more scoop etc.), then adjust it and try again. That's what everyone does. I like the following setting for a 3-band EQ:
Bass - 5/10
Mid - 6/10
Treble - 7.5/10

Just experiment with different settings and you'll find something.