Poll: What Guitar...Keep In Mind (Floyd..and Metal!)
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Agile PS-970 w/Floyd
5 21%
Schecter Damien 6 FR
8 33%
Ibanez RG350EX
6 25%
Other (Hit Me Up)
5 21%
Voters: 24.
Hehe, My amazing titles fool you again.

Anywho, on my quest to find the ultimate-guitar(no pun intended) i have come to a crossroads...and then there were 3...or 4 actually, the Ibanez is a meh choice..but if suggested, I will blindly trust you strangers.

Onward HO!




Pick ONE~or suggest another. I play Metallica, Trivium and Bodom. Sometimes other metal too(maybe A7X, city of evil is terrible BTW, and I know they not metal, STFU!)
what amp do you have? budget?
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None of those are that great.
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ummm...Im also upgrading my amp just not quite yet...but right now I have a small practice amp..Kustom 16R. My Budget is About in the range of those guitar so...300-400 american...cheap but meh.
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people taking dumps in my guitar case
The RG anyday

Nothing beats an Ibanez wizard neck
Prersitge or nobn there both lush
Thats why i play an S series Ibanez
But if you do go RG get new pick ups ASAP

Ibanez RG770DX Reissue

Ibanez Apex 2

Ibanez S520EX w/ EMGs

Marshall DSL100 Halfstack

never played any agiles but if plays as good as it looks....it is a great guitar
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Used RG50x+ or save up. The Schecter Hellraiser C1-FR is awesome, as is the RG 1570, but they are more above your price range.

Honestly kid, if you want a floyd, don't bother with a POS. If you NEED a new guitar now, get the Agile PS900. a good TOM, good tuners, etc.