I am completely useless at writing lyrics. I have written quite a few pieces of music but i cant thik of any lyrics to go with them. Has anyone got any tips on writing good lyrics.
There's a really helpful guide stickied, you should read it-it'll help^^.
Also please read the FAQs-this doesn't belong here.
Sorry D:
Good luck with writing lyrics! And remember...stickies!

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Please read the FAQs. They are stickied at the top of this forum. This forum is for work to be critiqued.

Then seek help from the lyrics tips thread.
Like they said, check the sticky. You can also look at a bunch of musicians lyrics here, your favorite musicians, or something like that.
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yes, you are suppose to report them! and write *reported* so no one will post!!!!!

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can I start reporting threads like this? since there are only two mods now, and ones just a helper mod (no offense to you Mascot)

Yeah, report them if you want. I check S&L everytime I'm online and look at all the thread titles and close threads like this, but I might miss one occassionally, so it'd be helping hand.

No offense taken.