I love 'em. I think they're very creative.

My favorites:

A pain that I'm used to
World in my Eyes
Enjoy the Silence
Last Caress
deaf and dumb with the lights on
I can't stand them, but I respect that they've been around and running for a fair while. Kudos to them.
Their new stuff is surprisingly good. Usually when a band makes a 'comeback' it tends to suck (glances at Aerosmith and AC/DC in the corner), but these guys kept their sound while managing to update it. Wonderful.
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blach...no like. =6
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and my favorite

Selmer Hummingbird
Reference 54 Alto Saxophone (my baby)- Apollo
I've only heard one song, I didn't like it that much.
There is no place else to go
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I like the new Muse song, Map of the Problematique, that sounds like Depeche Mode but not too keen on the DM myself.
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They are really rather good indeed. Any band to continue after their singer dies with the same singer is alright in my book.
Depeche Mode are great. "What's Your Name?" is one hell of a cheesy song though.

Nothing's Impossible is one of my favourites.
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All I can remember is Personal Jesus, though i think I have a few more songs on my comp back at university. What are their best tracks and why? I might try a listen or two.

well I can help ya but I mean... they kinda have evolved alot since they started. Are you lookin' for Synth-Pop styled or more of a "dark" New Wave styled of music?
Violator is one of my favourite albums.
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martin gore is so musically creative and david ghon has the most amaZING VOICE. their lyrics are so deep and meaningful, even in their early days. however i usually find their music depressing.
Wouldn't calll myself a fan, but I do really like them.
Listening to Enjoy The Silence as I noticed this thread. One of my favourite tracks of all time
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