Hey guys..
I wanna build my own guitar, but althought i do have experience with wood working carving and shapping, i have none in guitar neack building.. and i dont wanna build a crooked guitar.. cause thats a waste..

Anyways.. i foudn one site that sold prefabricated necks for neck thru builds.. but the fret board and inlays are all prefabricated which i dont like..
Im very anal about the way the neck feels so i dont want anything generic, anyways.. my question is is there anywhere i could find a prefabricated neck thru neck, but without a finished fretboard ??

Odds are that the prefabricated fretboard and stuff aren't already fixed to the neck, so you can probably just use the neck and make your own fretboard. I could be wrong, but the fretboard can come off, right?
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you can take off the old fret boarg with a heat gun(to melt the glue) , some small wedges, and a bit of patience
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umm.. i beleive it is fully glued on or wtv already .. i would have to rip it off wouldnt I ?
Another thing is im a fan of mahogany, so i would like the neck to be made of mahogany..
exactly.. do you know where i could find one..
like all i wanna do is shape the body and the headstock.. and finish up my own electronics and ****..