Check this out, i used a toneport for this straight out the box first recording using it. What you think? is the playing ok? i did drums and guitar here so crit it all! Its only a short recording i will finish it maybe in a few weeks but i have no time at the moment just thought i would throw this up for crits, no vox as of yet but i dont wana ruin it, im no howard jones.

That was really cool, well played... I liked the pinch harmonics especially. I'd like to hear the whole thing.
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Sounds good, but the pinch harmonics are just a little late, I think.
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One of them is a little late but i think its all good, im working on the rest of the song but if somebody reckons they can sing it theyre are more than welcome to try? anybody up for it?
hmm, somethins up with the pinch harmonics.
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hmm, somethins up with the pinch harmonics.

they're not the right note and there's no vibrato.

i have a version of this on youtube and dmusic i think...
Dude, that sounded great. And that was just a guitar through the toneport?
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That was my cheap yamaha pacifica straight through the toneport, just using the line 6 treadplate amp model! straight out the box in, first amp model i used and just recorded. its so easy and it sounds great.... since then i have bought some new line 6 kit for recording becuase its incredible some of the stuff you can do for only £80 ($160)??!!
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This ounds tight man! I agree, there's something up with the harmonics. Great to see somebody play with a Pacifica. Those guitars are awesome.
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