I already asked this in the EG forum, but i was recommended to take my question here. Today I had my guitar signed (by Michael Angelo Batio) and since i don't want it to wear off, how can i protect it?
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Do u wanna still play on it though, damn i would screw it and get a new guitar and put that one in one of those plastic boxes and hang it on the wall....damn
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The guitarist from Glamour Puss (a blues band from New Brunswick) has a beautiful Gibson hollowbody autographed by a bunch of people. He has put some sort of clear rectagular sticker over the autographs.
Clear coat should do it. But practise on scrap spraying over a similar pen too make sure the lacquer don't do anything funny.
I bet the clear won't stick. Start keeping a little patch of 300 grit sandpaper with your guitar in case you run across any guitar heroes and you want a good stable signature. Before they sign, rough up the area to be signed, and then let them do their thing. Then clear coat it.

Clear sticker seems like a decent option...I think lacquer will just chip off.
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dude no way, laquer over sticker, if the sticker come off a lil bit and you wanna put a new one over it the signiture will come off with it, if anything happens like sum laquer wares away, spray sum more over it....by the mike batio ****ing owns
^Apparently you aren't very familier with lacquer...I really doubt it will stick...

You should clean the signature area really well first though in any case, any oils will repel the laquer. Maybe a bit of thinner mixed into the lacquer would help too.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
Maybe lightly sanding the are would help, if you don't mind scraping up the signature a bit if you decide to do a lacquer. Get a really really smooth grit sandpaper and only slightly get your arm into sanding it.
hang it on the wall...i have an acoustic signed by cheap trick that i used to use as a backup for acoustic gigs (I.e. played the **** out of). met the guys, happened to have the guitar with me (there was no way they were signing the martin, sorry guys) and had them sign it. now it hangs on the wall of my "office"/ "music room" back home and rarely gets played, thats the trade off for getting guitars signed
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