what are some good songs to play for tapping, ive got crazy train of course but anyone know of any other good songs? i cant think of anything lol, its too hot, 90 F/ 35 C here
the fast solo to 'one' by metallica,
or midnight by joe satriani


lol yer Eruption is the obvious one, its a nice one to learn as well, takes a bit of time to really get tight. Well worth it tho. Apart from the Van Halen stuff i'd also look at some of Joe Satriani's he's got a way different style and gets some awesome tapping 'chord things' which are fun, and the other less well known guy for tapping would be Wes Borland, he's got a some pretty cool stuff. All i can advise is just take a good listen.
Actually, I thought it'd be hard too, but after I decided I'd try to learn it, I discovered it was much easier than I anticipated. Maybe it'll be the same for you.
some people are probably going to disagree with me on this but the solo from in too deep by sum 41 is a great peice of tapping
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lol I agree with TommyT that "In Too Deep" solo is a guilty pleasure of mine, short but sweet. Others include "Thing that should not be" - Metallica (STFU, I tap it lol)
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Ugghh...Midnight, that song sounds sooo difficult, and it requires you tapping with both hands as opposed to anchoring one and tapping with the other..you know what, I'm gonna learn it!!!
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