I want to play a song that starts off with fingerpicking, but then the chorus is strummed. Does anybody have any reccomendations on how to hold your pick when you're fingerpicking, and then quickly be able to switch it for strumming?
hold it in your mouth. Or put it in your pickgaurd (if you have one, or the right type of one).
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If its a fingerpicking beginning like Stairway to Heaven, then you can hold the pick between your thumb and index finger, and use your ring or pinky to pick the high strings, and your pick to get the low ones.
i read an atricle in Guitar Player magazine about this. I saw this one guitarist ( i dont remember his name) holds it inbetween the big knuckle on the middle finger and the middle knuckle(on the inside of the finger). this technique works great for switching from fingerstyle to strumming.
theres no way to hold a pick and finger pick then switch directly to strumming, to my knowledge at this point...

Why not try hybrid picking? i suggest practising Scar Tissue by the red hot chili peppers,
its great practise for hybrid stuff, you can switch to strumming right away too
Jack White does it all the time.
Watch the stripes DVD.

I'm not exactly sure where he puts it, maybe between his knuckles, but he just changes between pick and fingers instantly.
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Jack White does it all the time.
Watch the stripes DVD.

I'm not exactly sure where he puts it, maybe between his knuckles, but he just changes between pick and fingers instantly.

the guy isnt jack white, im sure jack white has tons of experiance with that type of ****...
if i dont feel like hybrid picking, like on stairway for example ill just fingerpick the whole beginning and keep the pick in my ring and pinky finger, wich still leaves me 3 fingers free to play the song with. then just get it to your thumb and index anyway you want when u need to strum
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just put it in your mouth, its not as hard as you think just lift your hand up and place it carefully in your pie-hole. finger pick. then just like a pez dispenser push on your nose, and out pops a pick. perfectly saturated for playing pleasure!

Or get a thumbpick. You know, the kind with the little ring, so it's held onto your thumb?
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get a wrist band and tuck it in there if your going to fingerpicking for a while
if you just need it for a short time, flip it up between you index and middle finger
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If the chorus is STRUMMED, then you can connect your index finger and your thumb (or use just your thumb) as a pick.
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This may be a bad suggestion but try crunching your pic around your index finger, and fingerpic with your ring and middle finger, when it's time to strum slide the pic from your index finger using your thumb and middle finger. It's a little tricky but it works for me.
See if you can fit it somewhere in your bridge. My friend's pick slides right in this little crevice on his bridge.
If you break your index finger into three sections (figuratively not literally) then you ave the top the middle and the bottom, the part closest to your palm. Hold it in the bottom part as this allows you to pick with that finger aswell, n the pick is fairly easily accesible.