no model identification, but i bought it back in the mid 80s.

can anybody give me a general description of the tone i might get from this thing.

if it helps, it would be going into a strat-style body in the neck. wood type is some kind of blond wood with a faint, striped grain pattern, maple/ebony(?) neck and floyd system. and would be paired with an 85 in the bridge.

i play ambient death metal. doubt this pickup will ever see the clean channel on my boogie 50 cal.

do these pickups ever wear out?

also, with the standard pickup i have in the bridge now the pole pieces are in alignment with the e a d strings but are above g b e strings. like the poles aren't spaced far enough appart to match up. are pickup poles space differently for the neck and bridge positions?
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Nope, pickups don't wear out.

Its probably an EMG S or SA.

to rephrase...

The SA takes the tone of an early stratocaster single, refines the midrange giving it a bell-like and very harmonic tone.

The S is hotter, with a ceramic magnet, which gives it more twang/definition and a brighter overall tone.

I have both. I like them both, they're great singles IMO.
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