I have played this at maybe a dozen basketball games, and i would like to hear what the fellow ug'ers think about it. I did this with my rp50 plugged into my microphone input and if anyone cares, it is the stock effect number 80.


high q^


low q^

there is a huge file size diff in the high and low qualities. high is 4 megabytes, low is only 210 kb. consequently there is a big sound diff. thanks in advance
Thats Pretty good... The quality was awesome; really nice towards the end the... 9/10
wow this sounds really good, nice job!
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It sounds like you're playing a two-step waltz with that stupid little organ, delay, flanger effect. I also suggest not ripping the Jimi solo if you're not going to do the divebomb. I disliked this, I'm no pro-American, but it totally defaces the meaning of what it should be about, in my opinion.
i'm usin an evo xm, and therefore not gonna do a dive bom doof
Sounded great, a bit effects heavy, but it was tight. Were you using an octaver?

I've been thinking of getting one,.......anyway, this would sound great live at a game.

cool tune, I finished mine not long after you posted yours, what a coincidence, check out my "star spangled banner"?
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