So Ive been playing electric for a while, and I want an acoustic now. I am a lefty and there are about 5 acoustics in the world that are left handed.

I want one with a cutaway, so it doesnt look to country, lol, I hate country, anyway......ya so a cutaway and Id like it to be black, or have some colour to it, something that looks good, and stays away from that standard acoustic guitar look (light brown, beige).

Also, Id not like to spend very much, lol, maybe $300 Canadian at the most.

Umm, I linke how you put , lol, after every sentence. (Sarcasm) My advice? Go and get a left handed acoustic that you like, that is left handed. Who cares if it looks country ( They dont ). Also, in my opinion colored or black acoustics look cheaper than natural finishes.
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there are 2 guitar stores near me, for a total of 2 terrible lefty acoustics. I will try again though.

and I said lol 2x.
Well for what it's worth I too am left handed. I've got a yamaha acoustic fg-412, bought site unseen (as you know not to many left guitars in stock) had to be orderd. I think i got lucky thoe it plays nice and sounds sweet my righty friends who play like my guitar and i only payed $260 cdn for it.
Ya i know but we dont have the options like right handed players it sucks.
Indeed.....if Im ever extremely rich, I will start a guitar company that only makes lefties.....but it will offer every kind of lefty you could ever imagine. Then all lefty guitarists will have such great respect for me, they will all buy my guitars and I will be even more rich.

And if anyone steals my idea, damn you
Try and get your hands on an Alvarez, I believe they make a lefty cutaway acoustic. I also have the burdun of playing lefty. It's so hard to find some decent lefty guitars out there!
Get a Dean acoustic V or something.
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