and i desperately need one soon because what i'm using just isnt enough. and this is the part that almost every single one of you guys will laugh at. my budget is 270.

ok so now whoever isn't hysterical laughing or extremely fustrated with UG noobs can give me some input on what to do. i have an ibanez tone blaster 100w 2 12' and i have it wired so i can plug a head into the speakers...but i just dont know what head to get.

i play alot of metal. i'm in metal band. i listen to metallica, dream theater, killswitch engage, black sabbath, **** like that. i love crispy clean tones too by the way. thanks in advance.
You probably looking at a used head....
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not tube and not a good head...then again 270 is rock bottom.def look into used heads again. maybe youll get lucky
^^^ out of those look into the peaveys, the VTM 1st.
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