so i just got this amp today. there was a lightbulby thingy that was in the back of the amp.. i figured it fell out, so i plugged it back in. anyway, i don't know much about amps, but it seems like this amp doesn't have much distortion. is it my crappy guitar, a problem with the amp, or it just doesn't get really screamy distortion? if it's just the amp tone, how can i get better distortion?
I don't jump around when I go to shows.
ohh. okay i thought that i needed one. thanks.
I don't jump around when I go to shows.
ha yeah... well if your amp is not supplying it... buy a pedal... you can get some good ones off of musiciansfriend. but you probably should try them out at a guitar shop first.
That amp of yours is tube. Distortion won't sound THAT great with a tube amp. Get an overdrive pedal instead, something like a Tubescreamer.