I believe they are one of the best new bands out right now

they are little known but their new cd is amazing

Check it out
Hey Italy

Under Fire

Such A Terrible Trend


Our Revolution
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They were on a sampler I got ages ago, nothing that particularly made them stand out to be honest.
Sydney is one of my favorite song. theyre a pretty okay band i suppose.
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they're on drive thru aren't they?

but i've never really liked them and don't plan wasting my money on their new record.
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I just listened to them for the first time a couple of days back and I must say I was impressed. I think the song was called something like Nightmare.
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Yeah "A Writers Reference" was ok but "The Inevitability of A Strange World" is amazing. Buy the whole thing you wont be disapointed.
I've listened to them for a while, and I think they're really good. Their lead guitarist, Chris, I think, is insane. They put on an awesoem live show. I think overall, the new album's good, but I think there's a few weak songs. The first four (Nightmare, Our Revolution, Under Fire, and Anthem For Tonight) are amazing. The rest of the album is solid, but not a whole lot stands out. I think I really took notice of them because they have some really good guitar parts. Yeah, good band