How long did it take you to pretty easily be able to look at a tab, listen to a song, and figure all of it out? The picking rhythm, strumming, etc. I still have trouble hearing the strumming rhythm of songs
Id say 6 months except for solos, that took like a year to a year and a half

also this is in the wrong forum.
depends on the song, some songs i can get it after listening to it once or twice, while some songs i takes me an eternity till i finally give up and look @ someones tab
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I find it best to listen closely to the rhythm, without playing a few times. Then play along a few times strumming softly, so you can hear yourself as well as the music. It works pretty well for me.
depends alot on the song but i'd say that after a year to a year and a half of playing i was pretty capable of figuring out most of the things i was interested in fairly easily