I have changed for the first time the strings (D'addario), and in the first week, i notice that when i play a distorted power chord, they sounded very clean, i mean, with a lot of gain i even could hear every note in the chord. Then in the second week i notice that the chord sounded a little muddy , don't know if you can get the idea. It affects that much new strings?.
not sure what your asking, but depending how long you've played on the stings in that first week. it might be time to change them agian according to the manufacture.
It could be a different guage, but yeah, new strings sound a lot different.

It's nice.
how often should i change my gibson strings if i play like 2 hours a day almost everyday
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in a perfect world I would change mine every 2 weeks...

too bad world aint perfect.
i change mine every month...i play 4 hours a day too.
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I spend 8 hours on the guitar forum a day and total just 2 hours playing guitar over a month. Should I change my strings everyday?

Note: I really do spend 8 hours on the forum, maybe not a day, but close to. I spend about 10 hours of guitar in a month, depending on what I'm doing related to it. Tough classes, end of year exams and such, a lot going on in household. Fun stuff.
my general rule.

For practing - every 72 hours(played on)
or 6 hours or less before a gig.
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i dont change mine till they break is that bad?
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not neccessarily. But its not good either.
I change mine weekly. Because I cant stand a muddy sound.
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I change mine every day.
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I had my first set of strings on my Squier for over a year. I changed 'em about two months ago. How do you know if you need new strings besides them snapping?
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I change mine whenever they turn black or break. I dont like the sound of new strings, they're too twangy and clean. I keep them as long as possible.
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