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Ok, first of all I have no idea which forum to put this in, so if its the wrong one, some mod change it.

Ok, so I went to the music store, a private one, there is no chain guitar store in my town, and I found a guitar that sounded good, looked good, etc. (doesn't matter what the model is, just listen to the story) Anyways, I'm 15, so I'm broke, and my parents, being good parents, make me work myself to pay for it. Fine. So I have to put it on layaway till I have enough money to buy it.
Ok so Tuesday (today) i get a call from the owner, and IT GOT STOLEN. Some guy broke into the store, liked MY guitar, out of all the others, because according to the cops who did an inspection later, he took his time, and stole it! Well the bastard eventually got caught, but he put some huge ass scratch on the back. Now the owner actually said it's fine other than the scratch, but I can play on it for however long I want at the store, and If I decide I want it, its like $100 dollars off, so the guy actually did me a favor. WTF?
so that is my strange story....
What's the price after the 100 bucks off?

Take it. A scratch in the BACK of the guitar is unnoticeable, and I would go for it (unless it's vintage or a collector's item or whatever).
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You should feel honored that of all the ones in the store he chose yours. That's quite flattering, actually.
what guitar is it???

Its actually a beleiveable story so I beleive you
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which guitar?? and that is a compliment...he stole yours...good taste i guess.
$100 off isn't shabby either.
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take the guitar, hit the mother****er that stole it over the back of the head. (wherever he is)
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Take it, although it'll never feel like a fresh new guitar, it's better than having a scratch on the front. Cheers on your fortunes!
yea 100 off get it, just put masking tape over the scratch so it doesnt scratch you too
and its on the back no one cares about that
This is the kind of thread where the threadstarter lies about his story and never comes back to post here ever again.
Apparently so, hckfrk38. Apparently so.

Having you guitar stolen, then you get it back with scratch is TRUE character. Good story too.
Take it my boy,as long its not a BC rich...besides,it's just a scratch on the back,its not like you play guitar with the strings facing your tummy right?
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Yeah, well I need to play on it first, and decide. Now, I don't know that its 100 dollars off, the owner said 75-100, he hasn't decided, but the price after that is $389, w/o tax. It is an Aria STG 004 I believe. As its at the store, I can't just look at it and figure it out. This is actually my first guitar, so I wasn't going to go for some really expensive thing. Btw does anyone know anything about that model of guitar?
When I finish paying it off and bring it home, I'll show you what the scratch looked like. It's kind of funny. The guy actually helped me. And he's going up in front of a judge, and it sounds like the owners doing all he can to get him the worst possible punishment lol.
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Well you can get an Aria STG 004 for 80 GBP online... which is only 150 USD.

Aria STG
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I would buy it just for the story

And $100 off the price too? This just keeps getting better and better. Get the darn thing.
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yeah, I'd take that over a new one, it'd be such a cool story to tell everyone.
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That's so bad ass, I'd buy the guitar just to tell everybody that story when they see the huge scratch.
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I have an Aria Mac 40 and let me tell you...this asiatic brand sucks. They sound good but youn can't rely on them.

That one looks like a Strat, it really looks good, but its quality isn't the best.
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well, for a first guitar...really good quality wont matter much...price though...that sucks oh well
ok, the guy looked at some security tape again, and what really happened is that it was hit on the door the guy broke into on his way out, he hit it really hard on the handle, scratched it, and put a dent in it, its not as big as the owner made it sound like, so thats cool, and the owners just going to put some wood putty in the dent, and yes, its $100 off!
Don't let him put wood putty in it!!! No!!! You WANT the character dent. Otherwise I wouldn't bother even buying this guitar.
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check if he stashed drugs inside it

yea cuz if that happens ur makin a lot more money in the process wink wink if u dont do them that is
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I need a new guitar
Yes! Keep the dent and scratch! Hell, strats and strat copies pratically require a certain amount of abuse to really look good.
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mad story. But if i told all my mates that, they wouldnt believe me lol But yeah id buy it for the story!!
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Yeh sure, new poster just wanting some attention.

Where's algee, i think this calls for the troll song.

EDIT - damn i have been gone a while... didnt realize algee was banned lol
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**** my guitar got stolen too and pawned by my drug addict neighbor but I'm gettin a new so its all good. I had the old one for damn near 6 years and was startin to crap out.
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Yeh sure, new poster just wanting some attention.

Where's algee, i think this calls for the troll song.

EDIT - damn i have been gone a while... didnt realize algee was banned lol

Do you know what algee got banned for? Is it permanent?
Nice Story.
I got a necessary Story. I bought my guitar used.
One day he pushed it against his table and it had a little bump in it.
Got 30 Euro off, and now im Happy with my Ibanez.

Gratz to you for getting a good guitar cheaper, and with character.
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You said it's on the back of the guitar, so its not really gonna matter unless you try to sell it in the future, and it would be your first guitar, and idk if youre gonna want to sell it. I say go for it.
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Do you know what algee got banned for? Is it permanent?

It's a long story, don't get involved. I'm pretty sure it's permament, and if it's not, I know he said he's not coming back.
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well, I never heard of Aria until I got this, but I knew almost nothing about guitar until that moment lol. And I probably need the putty, because I seem to hurt instruments a lot, and I would probably make it bigger and crack my guitar in half, but I wont paint over it, so I can still show everyone, and tell my kickass story .
you could always buy a new unscratched one that looks beaten to hell or you could go with the original one that already has some "character"........ screw it get the first one
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