so almost everyone on UG bashes Line6 Spiders. but like, i know they sound digital (trust me, i know, the other guitarist in my band has one and when its loud it sounds like so digital and ****ty) but like, are they tweakable? like can i tweak the metal preset so it doesnt sound too digital? any input. thanks.
The clean sucks on those, but you could try running a distortion pedal through the clean channel.
Sure you can. I think that it can be tweakable to work well but then again I've never played through high quality amps a lot, so I can't be too reliable :P

You can go on their forums and listen to people's clips though, some of their heavy tones sound pretty cool, I think.
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I've always wondered, is it really that crappy of a digital sound?

What if you were in a band that could use that to it's advantage?
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it's not too bad...just switch to the neck pickup with high treb and mids on the insane channel and you're good
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i actually think it sounds good for some medium to heavy distortion

the effects are pretty weak though

The clean sounds good if you mess around with it... but its not amazing
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get a tube already
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The spiders are only good as practice amps IMO.
If your playin in a band, get a tube, plain and simple...
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The spiders are only good as practice amps IMO.
If your playin in a band, get a tube, plain and simple...

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Let me tell you from the perspective of someone who has a lot of experience with them. I bought one, right away realized the stock channels suck ass. tweaked them, found a way to get a good sound (medium mids and bass, high trebel) and it seemed OK. now, I have a peavey xxx combo and it RAPES the spider. the spider, you'll be afraid to turn it up.

just get a good amp, it matters more than people here even say (and they say it matters alot, I've seen like a70% to 30% thing but I don't even trust that)

I've tried other guitars on my peavey xxx, and they ALL sound great, the amp makes up for it.
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edit: and no matter how good for the spider you EQ it, it still has crazy things going on. I dunno, but on mine palm mutes were always insanely louder, and the lower I turned the bass the louder and bassier they were, if I turned the bass way up it went down..uhh...

and picking will always be harsh sounding, and your ears will die when you turn it up



that's the mindset you need.

and also, you're prolly thinking, oh well they cost way more, so taking that into consideration it's equal. I used to think that. it doesn't matter, there is no comparison. how ever much more you spend for a good tube amp, it's worth it over the ss
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I run the Digi-tech 'Metal-Master' Distortion Pedal through the clean channel of my Line 6; sounds like a beauty...
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